Talk to me! I’m on Universal Spiritual Connection today 6 to 8 PM PDT


YIPES! It’s just an hour and half. I’d better hurry! I’m going to be on the Universal Spiritual Connection with my good friend and host, Rev. Leilani Schmidt.

You can reach the station right here.

If you click here, you reach a chat room where you can contact me while Leilani and I are talking. If you click the listen now button at the top of the page, you can hear the program!

The call in number is 480.389.1399  Call that number and you can call into the show directly. I would love to talk to you!

Leilani’s show is one of my favorites. She puts a spiritual glow on everything … No, she IS a spiritual glow.

Tonight, we’re going to be discussing my new novella, Leroy Watches Jr. & the Badass Bull. This little book is about Leroy Watches,  who is a minor character in the first two Bloodsong Series books, Numenon and Mogollon.

He is the shaman Grandfather’s grandson. By birth, he’s a powerful healer and upcoming shaman. Except that he doesn’t quite it down in Leroy Watches. He goes to a rodeo in Las Vegas to help his dad, and all h*** breaks loose. Or rather that badass bull does. This is a farce: everything goes wrong and Leroy ends up the FBI’s Most Wanted, branded a terrorist, and has to run for his life.

It’s funny and sweet, except for poor Leroy, who’s running with a very strange posse behind him.

We’re also going to discuss my Christmas book, which will be out by Christmas. This book follows Leroy farther, into his search for the woman of his dreams. She’s Cass Duane, the richest man in the world’s very messed up daughter. She’s so messed up, it’s a wonder she’s alive. It’s not totally her fault. She was held captive by the devil incarnate for a long time.

Leroy has to find her before … well, before she dies. If she does, she’ll end up in eternal damnation.

This is a Christmas story, just a very unusual one.

Leilani and I may talk about more than that, so please listen in.  ;-)

Sandy Nathan


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