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Will the real Will Duane step forward – and you can win a free copy of Mogollon: A Tale of Mysticism & Mayhem

Mogollon: A Tale of Mysticism & Mayhem (Bloodsong 2)

My new book Mogollon: A Tale of Mysticism & Mayhem offers many interesting characters. One of them is on the cover. The guy on the horse is Rick Mora, the fabulously beautiful Native American model and actor. He fits my mind’s eye image of Wesley Silverhorse, the dreamboat portion of the Mogollon cast. Wesley’s in his mid-twenties, the typical age for dreamboats. Are breath-taking hunks limited to a few years after adolescence, or can they be older? Or much older?

Mogollon’s leading man,Will Duane, is the richest man in the world. He is a dreamboat for sure, even through he’s sixty-two years old. For one thing, add fifty billion dollars to any old fart and he becomes a dreamboat. Will’s got fifty billion dollars. But he was a dreamboat long before he grabbed all the moolah.

My character, Dr. Elizabeth Bright Eagle, meets Will Duane at the Meeting. (That’s the Native American spiritual retreat Will and his executives and staff attend and where Mogollon takes place.) Elizabeth is an internationally known physician and philanthropist who is also a top spirit warrior.  Elizabeth is a very classy lady and has the opportunity to take a very good look at Will when he hurts himself. From Mogollon:

“The doctor was able to see what a very good-looking man Will was. His chest had a thin mat of white hair. His pectoral muscles were clearly defined, as were his abdominals. He had no excess fat. Most thirty year olds don’t look like this, she thought. You’re a real stud-muffin, aren’t you, Will? Hostility streaked through her.”

But what does Will really look like? We know he’s tall with a lanky runner’s build, and has blue eyes and white hair. He’s so gorgeous he doesn’t have to even try to woo women.  He’s used to having his orders obeyed instantly. He can smile and be friendly, for a while, but that’s not his natural pose. He’s aggressive, serious, super-smart, and very competitive. He’s the richest man in the world, and he didn’t get that way by being a nice guy.

I’m trying to get an idea of the real Will because I like to do videos for my books. At the moment, Mogollon is without any visuals but the cover. I’d like to flash Will on Pinterest and a few places. I’d like to get to know him better, and I’d like you to get to know him. I’d like to get your opinion on which guy I should use for Will in my videos and maybe even the next cover. Here are my three candidates for Will:


WILL DUANE #1 Will's a happy camper here. Why not? He's got 50 billion and the largest corporation ever to exist.

Here’s Will #1. He’s not as handsome as the description of Will in the book might lead you to expect, but he’s majorly masculine and looks like a very successful businessman.

Some other shots of him show him doing things that Will would definitely do: yell at employees, for instance.
I’m going to link a WILL #1 GALLERY HERE. here so you can see more views of this Will in action.

This is a comp from You can download comps from all the stock photo companies to try them out, what we’re doing here.



Here’s Will #2. He’s got the white hair, he’s good looking, but does he have the chops to be the Real Will?

Here’s a WILL #2 GALLERY. so you can see more views of this Will in action.

This is a comp.


WILL DUANE # 3 Looks like it's "Happy Times Are Here Again" for Will

Here’s Will #3. White hair, definitely a businessman, looks great in a tuxedo. But is he Will Duane? This image shows that while Will is very tough and aggressive, he’s capable of partying as hard as he works. He’s a  genuine party animal, an over the top party animal. He likes the ladies maybe too much.

Here’s a WILL #3 GALLERY here so you can see more views of this Will in action.

This is a comp.


WILL DUANE # 1.5 Here Will #1 wears the hair of Will # 3 and blue eyes by Photoshop.

WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER DO YOUR OWN GRAPHICS: Many people, me included, learn a little bit about Photoshop and go, “Whee! I’ll do my own book covers! And Facebook Banner! I may even paper my car with my Photoshop art!”

This is not a good idea. Although you cannot see it, your homemade efforts will embarrass you if you ever wake up enough to see what they actually look like. I’ve suffered from an inflated view of my design abilities and displayed them publicly. And I do it here. 

Will has dark blue eyes and white hair. I liked Will #1 the best, but wanted to see him with the blue and white bits added. Will #3 has those. So I cranked up my Photoshop skills and did this:

Will Duane # 1.5  He looks like a white-haired Ken doll. I will definitely get my cover designer to do Will’s hair and eyes.

OK. Check out the albums for the three Wills:

WILL #1 is here. More pictures of our hero.

WILL #2 is here. More of Will 2.

WILL #3 is here. Will #3 at his finest.

And then leave a comment below stating your choice and why you think he’s best. I’ll send my favorite an eBook copy of Mogollon: A Tale of Mysticism & MayhemYou don’t have to agree with my choice. It’s the most interesting explanation that will win Will and all of his friends.

Good luck!

The REAL, REAL Will Duane. Two of them exist/existed in real life: Clint Eastwood and Paul Newman. But I don’t think their estates or attorneys would like me tossing their images around to publicize my book.

Is this Will Duane or what? This is the ultimate, perfect Will Duane.


Sandy Nathan  

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Will Duane #1 Tell Me Why You Like This Guy Best and Maybe Win an eBook of Mogollon!

I’m getting ready to make a video about my new book Mogollon: A Tale of Mysticism & Mayhem. For my upcoming publicity and video-making activity, I want an image that captures the heart, soul and BODY of my hero, Will Duane. Will is the star of the two Bloodsong books currently out there. He’s the richest man in the world, sixty-two years old, and a real hunk. Not possible, you say? Let’s see how close we can come.


WILL DUANE #1 Will's a happy camper here. Why not with $50 billion and the largest corporation ever to exist.

HERE’S WILL #1:  Good looking dude. Needs his hair Photoshopped whiter and blue eyes added. I like this version of Will because of the additional pictures available to use in a video. Take a look below. They capture all of the richest man in the world.

Will likes the ladies, always has.

 WILL JUST LOVES WOMEN. Using them, perhaps, but you’d be amazed how they’ll flock to a man like him and stand in line to be used. All of them think they have a chance at becoming the next Mrs. Will Duane. Poor babies. They don’t know Will well enough to know being his wife is the booby prize.

Sandy Sydney is a demon from hell in a pretty package.

WILL THINKS SANDY SYDNEY IS AN INDUSTRIAL SPY. She’s not, as he finds out. Sandy Sydney is the only one of my characters to receive fan mail. You can write to her, too: “Dear Sandy, please make all my dreams come true . . . And let me live when you’re done.”

Will's hobbies match his personality

WILL WORKS A LOT. When he isn’t working, he’s running or in the gym. When he’s not doing either, he’s racing one of his cars, or practicing his other hobby, preparing to be a real killer.

Vocano view 1


VOLCANO ERUPTION STAGE ONE: YOU SAY SOMETHING THAT MAKES WILL MAD. “If he ever gets mad at you, you’ll never forget it. One lifetime is not enough to recover from a Will Duane Screamer,” says Doug Saunders, Will’s fix-it man. Doug fixes whatever Will needs, legal or not.


STAGE TWO: WILL IS ALMOST FULLY ARMED HERE, GETTING READY FOR THE NEXT STAGE. Your life may flash before  your eyes at this stage.


VOLCANO ERUPTION STAGE THREE. WILL IS IN PERFECT FORM, DELIVERING FEEDBACK TO ONE OF HIS EMPLOYEES. I think it’s illegal to beat employees at the workplace, or anywhere else. The good part of the Screamer reaching this stage is you can sue. If you survive.

THERE’S WILL DUANE # 1! To vote for this Will, LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS PAGE telling me why you think this man is the REAL WILL.

OK. Check out the albums for the three Wills:

WILL #1 is here. More pictures of our hero.

WILL #2 is here. More of Will 2.

WILL #3 is here. Will #3 at his finest.

Sandy Nathan
Website #1    Website # 2, the Interactive One!

Will is shown as a comp from I use comps from,, and For the “real” version of Will, I’ll buy the images and give proper credit.)

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