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Numenon Kindle Is .99 on Amazon!

Numenon: A Tale of Mysticism & Money

Numenon: A Tale of Mysticism & Money

The Kindle version of Numenon: A Tale of Mysticism & Mystery is available and priced at an unbelievable 99 cents!

Here’s a link to Numenon on the Amazon Kindle Store!

Am I crazy? Like a fox! When I last looked, Numenon was #8 in Religious Fiction (closing on The Shack), and #1 in Mysticism in two categories of Religion & Spirituality. JOIN THE STAMPEDE!

Buy the Kindle version of Numenon, and you can enter the world of Will Duane, the richest man on earth, and Grandfather, a great Native shaman, in less then a 60 seconds. Numenon won two national awards as an Advance Reading Copy. It’s entered in more contests. We’re waiting for results.

Here it is on my web site: Numenon on

Here it is as a print book on Amazon. Look at those Five Star Reviews.

Check out this video:

Rewrite Your Draft Novel NEED MOTIVATION? TALK TO MY COUSIN Part 3


This is Roberta, my cousin from Seligman, Missouri. Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen? I'd better finish writing that sequel.

“SANDY, I’VE GOT A REAL BONE TO PICK WITH YOU,” Roberta said, sounding peeved. She’s my cousin from Missouri. We were on the phone. I hadn’t talked to her in ages. “WHEN YOU SENT ME YOUR BOOK, I LOVED IT. I STUCK MY NOSE IN IT AND DIDN’T STOP READING UNTIL I WAS FINISHED. YOU COULDN’T PRY ME OFF.


I laughed so hard. I love people from Missouri. Plain spoken, no bull. Just the truth.

Exactly the kick in the rear I needed to face the hairy beast of a manuscript. Mogollon––it’s pronounced MOW-GO-YONE. That’s the Spanish pronunciation. The Native pronunciation is MUGGY-YONE. The Mogollon are an extinct Native American people.

The word Mogollon is all over the Southwest, and it’s the title of Numenon’s sequel, in production now.

I’ll quit stalling and get to work. Roberta wants my book.

Rewrite Your Draft Novel: Turn a 240,000 Word Monster into a Tidy 100,000 Word Manuscript! Part 2

Here’s a conversation between me and my editor:

Sandy: I just started the rewrite of Mogollon, and counted the words in its multitudinous files. 240K words. Arggh! I thought I had it half rewritten.  Any tips?

Melanie Rigney (Editor for You): Yes

1.   Identify your protagonist.

2.   Identify where he/she is at the beginning of the book… and where you want him/her to be at the end.

3.   Identify the crisis/turning points in the book that the protagonist faces (and wins or loses) within the   book.

4.   Identify the antagonist, what or who is keeping the protagonist from getting what he or she wants.

5.    Consider all your secondary and tertiary characters. If their subplot does not tie into the ultimate and satisfying ending, cut them and the subplot. (Remember Mme. Mercier’s life story [which appears in my new sci-fi that Melanie just edited], and how much better Angel [the sci-fi manuscript] read once it was gone?)

A good way to do this is to use a Post-It to record the action and purpose of each scene. If the scene doesn’t drive the action forward, cut it.

Hope that helps!

This is why I use professional editors. They can give you clear, concise advice like this. This is different than going to your writing group, passing your work by your writer friends, or your blog buddies. Melanie (and many other real pros) will do the same to your manuscript. Slash and burn, I call it. Painful, but necessary.

In previous posts, I’ve talked about Jungian type and writing. I don’t know Melanie’s Jungian type, but from the sample of her writing above and what I’ve seen of her work, I’d say she’s a thinking type.

Notice the spare, clear, logical use of words. Tight. Thinking type.

I can do this. I can. I will. I just have to open the file and get to work. Now.

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