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Mogollon: A Tale of Mysticism & Money

Mogollon: A Tale of Mysticism & Money - This is NOT Mogollon's new cover. The it's being designed.

HURRAY! HURRAY! Mogollon is done. (Though see the note below about its release date.) I started the Bloodsong Series, of which Mogollon is book two, in 1995. Eighteen years have gone by since a spectacular spiritual experience launched a series of books that have owned me since. What happened?

Some really bad things happened to me long ago. Mercifully, I did not remember them. Until I did. That was 1993. After working harder than I knew I could to recover, I finally felt well enough to attend a meditation retreat in 1995. I’d been meditating twenty years at that point.

I worked as hard as I could in the retreat, following the 4 AM to 10 PM daily schedule, going to classes, doing spiritual practices. Praying. And contacting one of the people involved in the “really bad things.” I’d never been brave enough before.

When I got home, I felt fantastic. Totally healed, sparkling new. All trauma gone. That was nice, but the real perk of the adventure had yet to occur. A couple of days after I got home, I was in the shower (showers are intensely spiritual places) when something like a lightning bolt hit me in the right temple and entered my skull, ricocheted around inside, and left a trail of blue sparkles and mist that Hollywood special effects guys could not replicate. Then it left. Total elapsed time? A few seconds.

“Whoa,” thought I, “that’s never happened before.” The fireworks were not the whole package. The spiritual zap from Somewhere also left a book behind. Its plot was right there in my mind as the blue mist disappeared. I ran down to the computer and banged it out. “What do you think of this?” I showed the pages to my husband.

“It’s good, but it seems like a comic book. Make it longer.”

Two hundred and seventy five pages later, I knew I had a book. Pages more than that, I realized it was a series.What is it about? Bloodsong starts out with the adventures of the richest man in the world, Will Duane, meeting a great Native American shaman at the shaman’s retreat in New Mexico. Numenon and Mogollon are set in this part of the series. But, after the retreat, the corporate gang goes home to Silicon Valley and the Numenon Corporate headquarters in Palo Alto. All sorts of characters, from witches to rogue corporate execs to budding shamans, come up in locations all over the world. It’s a wild, highly imaginative series.

That’s how the Bloodsong Series was born. It keeps growing. I counted ten titles in my Bloodsong file on my computer. These are either written as drafts or soon to be released, like Mogollon.

All were born of that meditation retreat and moment  in the shower where Something sent me a message of hope and love. And power, violence, pain, redemption, and a bunch of amazing characters.

My writing can be very gritty. With the exception of work written for children, all of my writing should be R rated. It’s not for kids. That’s the fruit of the “really bad things” mentioned above. If you’ve been marked in that way, going back to sweetsie and happy-ever-after is impossible.

I said up above that Mogollon was finished. Not quite. What’s finished is my line by line response to my editor’s terse comments, “This sucks.” No, she doesn’t say that. She speaks a different language: “Too much head-hopping here.”

I’ve finished addressing my editor’s myriad concerns and have a manuscript version Mogollon that’s ready to hand off to other professionals. I’ll send it off  for copy-editing and proofreading. Then comes the design of the book, eBook, covers, the whole visual package. What’s finished is my mind-numbing involvement in the book’s every line. The hard part.

Mogollon: A Tale of Mysticism & Mayhem, Bloodsong Series 2, will be released in early 2014.

Numenon: A Tale of Mysticism & Money - This IS the existing Numenon cover. Enjoy it while you can: the new one will be different.

So will Numenon: A Tale of Mysticism & Money, Bloodsong Series 1. What! Book 1 of the series will be released at the same time as book 2? Yep. We’re doing a slash and burn of Numo.

Numenon was released in 2009; it’s four years old. It was also the first book I wrote. My writing has improved exponentially since 2009. We’re giving the book a full makeover. Once that’s done, the book will be redesigned and ready for a double launch with Mogollon.

Why am I doing this? Well, Numenon is dear to my heart. It flowed directly from that mystical experience back in 1995. If you look at Numenon’s reviews, you will see that by far the majority of readers LOVED it just as is it stands. They said things like:

“The new release `Numenon‘ by Sandy Nathan is one of the most superbly developed, intensely riveting and profoundly moving works of fiction I’ve read in quite a long time. The author’s attention to detail, in-depth character development and cohesive, constantly evolving storyline will keep the reader transfixed from beginning to end.”
Brian E. Erland, Hall of Fame Reviewer

You can read the negative reviews for yourself. Suffice it to say, they blistered my hide.

If I can fix something, I will. I’m going to attempt an update that will satisfy people like Mr. Erland and the folks who thought I should boiled in oil along with my book.

Reviews are very interesting, particularly if you have a background in psychology. I hold an MA in marriage, family and child counseling. The depth psychologies claimed my heart––these are the areas of study which treat the deeper more primal parts of the psyche, archetypes, the essential areas of the soul, especially mystical experience. My interest lies with the work of Jung, Psychosynthesis, and the transpersonal psychologies.

I found Numenon’s reviews a textbook illustration of Jungian typology. Carl Jung, a giant of modern psychology, came up with his typology trying to reconcile personality differences between his friends and colleagues, Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler. Both were brilliant men and giants in the development of modern psychology. Here’s an article I wrote about Jungian Type for writers. The theory is complex, but what Jung says is: People are different. They live in literally different worlds; they don’t see the same thing, even when in the same room.

Which is why Numenon’s reviews vary so much and people reporting honestly on their experiences can come to such different conclusions.

* * *

I  am an intuitive in Jung’s typology. Intuitives live in a realm beyond the physical, picking up on currents that others don’t see. We have a vision of what direction the world will take. Intuitives are intensely interested in their internal growth and that of everyone else. They’re interested in people and their stories. They’re very interested in their vision becoming a reality.

Numenon: A Tale of Mysticism & Money could only have been written by an intuitive. And intuitives are the ones that “get” what I was writing and the way I did it.

* * *

Modern novels have become very fast, like screenplays, where all the action takes place on the page, and that’s all you get. You lose a lot that way, but fast action-filled writing does satisfy certain types.

I’m going to rewrite Numenon so that it retains its spirituality and moves faster with more action for the modern sort of reader. Without wrecking it.

If you read my work, please realize this:

I AM NOT A THRILLER WRITER! I AM NOT A SCI-FI OR FANTASY WRITER! AND I AM!  If you want breakneck speed, chills, battles between good and evil, monsters and bugs running around blowing things up, and the end of the world–I’ve got them all in the Earth’s End series and my newer work.




Sandy Nathan and Tecolote


Sandy Nathan

Sandy’s Amazon Author Page. Click here of on image.

Sandy’s Web Site


Sandy Nathan Leads the Depth Psychology Alliance’s On-Line Book Club in January 2012

Numenon Cover

Numenon: A Tale of Mysticism & Money

Award winning author, Sandy Nathan, will hostess the Depth Psychology Alliance’s Book Club for the month of January 2012. This is the Club’s first meeting and an exciting event. Sandy will use her book, Numenon: A Tale of Mysticism & Magic, to illuminate major themes of depth psychology.

Numenon is the story of a Silicon Valley billionaire, the richest man in the world, meeting a great Native American shaman. The world of worldly  power and all it can buy is contrasted with the inner world of true riches. The book is jammed with archetypes and psychological symbolism. It is an Amazon Bestseller and won six national awards, including the prestigious Silver Nautilus Award and the Silver Medal in the IPPYs (Independent Press) Awards. It has a close to five star average reviews on Amazon.

“I am so excited by the opportunity to facilitate the Depth Psychology Alliance’s Book Club,” says Sandy Nathan. “I’ve had many wonderful, very spiritually developed readers and reviewers in the past, but none have delved into Numenon’s themes as explicitly as we’ll be doing. For instance, the first chapter of the book shows our hero, Will Duane, doing some pretty bizarre things. (Will’s a loosely defined hero, a dark and tormented person.) I’m looking forward to the group examining Will with eyes informed by depth psychology.

“Similarly, the shaman, Grandfather, is a spiritual master. How did he get that way? What shaped him? We’ll look at him––and many other characters––the same way. What made them the way they are? What keeps them going? What signs of spiritual growth do they exhibit? We’ll even look at Will’s Duane’s gargantuan corporation,  Numenon, as a “person.” What is Numenon’s culture? Values?

Depth Insights Logo

Depth Insights Is the Name of the Alliance's On-line Magazine Don't you love the bee?

“You don’t have to have a degree or credentials in depth psychology  to be in the book club. You just simply have an interest in going below the surface and mining the jewels of the psyche.

“I would love it if you joined us.

“AND IT’S FREE! Yes, membership in the Alliance and Book Club are both free. I’ve even arranged a coupon to get to download an eBook of Numenon   for free. That’s available to those who sign up for the Book Club. To do so, go to this page, and click where it says, “Join the book club.”

“You’ll be able to enter the club’s discussion board when your membership is approved. I’ll be putting a LOT of information up on January 1st. I’ve got more for the next week. And the coupon to get the free download of the  Numenon eBook will be on that post,” says Sandy Nathan.

 By the way, what is Depth Psychology?  Depth Psychology focuses on the deeper parts of human experience––it concentrates on the psyche or soul. Depth Psychology seeks to know the Unconscious realm of the human mind, which is outside of our awareness and which we are unable to know directly. Our everyday awareness––the habitual way we think about ourselves and see life––collapses our experience into a collection of programmed responses. It makes TV sitcom of  something a life with is potentially grand.  A vast inner world which is largely unknown exists beneath this day to day reality. It communicates  through dreams, myths, and symbols, giving our lives great meaning and richness.  If we listen, this unseen world has much to give us. Depth Psychology is about learning to listen to our deep currents.

Depth Insights On Line Book Club

Depth Insights On Line Book Club

Depth Psychology Alliance was created to be central gathering place, a global village for academic discussion, research, and development of Depth Psychology ideas. The first online community of its kind, The Alliance hopes to a community that will enable Depth Psychology to emerge more fully into the everyday world. The Book Club will be hosted by a different author each month. Check on-line to see the roster for 2012.



Sandy Nathan is the winner of twenty-one national awards, in categories from memoir, to visionary fiction, to children’s nonfiction. And more.

Sandy’s  books are: (Click link to the left for more information. All links below go to Kindle sale pages.)
The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy
Numenon: A Tale of Mysticism & Money

Tecolote: The Little Horse That Could

Stepping Off the Edge: Learning & Living Spiritual Practice

Two sequels to The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy are in production with a late (very late) 2011 publication date, or early 2012. If you liked  The Angel you’ll love Lady Grace and Sam & Emily.

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