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We Interrupt This Date by L. C. Evans | A Your Shelf Life Review

We Interrupt This Date

We Interrupt This Date

FIVE STARS! Highly recommended!

I haven’t laughed so hard over a book in I don’t know how long––though I thought the protagonist Susan should be rushed into an emergency Codependents Anonymous meeting and not let out until she learned to say, “No!” loudly. What a great storyteller L. C. Evans is! Susan is recovering from being dumped by her rat of a husband. She’s doing fine––until she gets fired, her flake of a sister comes to stay with her infant and moose of a dog, and her elderly mom moves in because of a sprained ankle. There’s more! It seems that everyone in her world is leaning on Susan. How much can she take?

The tale is way more complicated than I’ve indicated, involving ghost tours, a hunk of an old boyfriend reappearing, and a best friend to may or may not be after said boyfriend. Every character is memorable, nutty, and at the same time, feels similar to people we all know. Even the dogs are memorable.The plot moves along at a perfect pace, revealing secrets and more problems. Even ghosts (maybe). Evan’s writing style is breezy, accomplished and funny.

I hope there’s a sequel––I’ll be the first to buy it.

What do other reviewers say?

Firmly entrenched in the Chick Lit genre, the plot of this book is highly entertaining, especially for the over thirty crowd. The storyline was humorous without stretching the envelope in a blatant attempt to be funny. –Red Adept, “Red Adept Reviews – A Blog”

“We Interrupt This Date” is as good or better than many NYT bestsellers that I’ve read. –J. Chambers, author of Recollections: A Baby Boomer’s Memories of the Fabulous Fifties

L.C. Evans is the author of the Leigh McRae horse mystery series, Jobless Recovery, and Night Camp, in addition to We Interrupt This Date.

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