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The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy, Lady Grace, Sam & Emily – The Complete Tales from Earth’s End Saga for 99 Cents!

Tales from Earth's End


WHAT DOES THAT ADD UP TO? THE SERIES FOR 99 CENTS THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. (As always, check to make sure the last two books are still priced at $0.00. Amazon turns these promotions on and off around midnight. This is out of my control.)


The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy

The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy: Tales from Earth’s End Saga Book 1

The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy  The first book in the Tales from Earth’s End Saga gets the ball rolling. What’s the ball? The planet Earth. Tomorrow morning, a nuclear holocaust will destroy the planet. Two people carry the keys to survival: A teenage boy and an intergalactic traveler. And a bunch more fascinating characters, too. The book is an ensemble piece where the prize is survival. The link above will take you to a lot more info, and a place to buy. 99 cents!

Winner of 4 national awards, including the Gold Medal in Visionary Fiction at the IPPY Awards.

5 STARS! Should be a movie! Darlene of Reno NV
“This was an excellent read. I felt like I was watching a movie, drawn in completely. The world and characters were so real I could smell it. . .  Now I will have to go read other books by Sandy Nathan. Oh, and I hope someone decides to make this book into a movie. That would be awesome!”

Lady Grace

Lady Grace: A Thrilling Adventure Wrapped in the Embrace of Epic Love

Lady Grace: A Thrilling Adventure Wrapped in the Embrace of Epic Love Tales from Earth’s End Saga, Book 2.

Finalist, 2012 Indie Excellence Awards, Visionary Fiction

Here’s a review that says it all:

FIVE STARS! A MODERN SCI-FI MASTERPIECE Lady Grace was first-rate science fiction and one of the most absorbing page-turners of that genre that I’ve read in years. Author Sandy Nathan exhibits the imagination of Ray Bradbury combined with the whimsicalness of Douglas Adams. That’s high praise, but it’s warranted. The story includes so much action; tense, suspenseful drama; and two charming love stories that it’s irresistible.” J. Chambers, Amazon Top 50 Reviewer (#27 at this writing)




Sam & Emily: A Lovestory from the Underground

Sam & Emily: A Love Story from the Underground


Sam & Emily: A Love Story from the Underground Tales from Earth’s End Saga, Book 3. The book is a love story; it focuses on a relationship and has a different feeling than the other two books. This is my favorite book. Here’s a review:

5 stars out of 5! A gripping story of life after the world ends . . . fascinating and reminiscent of Stephen King’s epic masterpiece – The Stand.  Sam & Emily is by far my favorite . . . in the series.  It will leave you thinking well after turning the last page.
Todd A. Fonseca, bestselling author of The Time Cavern

Out of the ballpark! It’s a terrific story with wonderful characters – both the good guys and the bad guys – in all kinds of wild situations.
… Prepare yourself for a wild ride. And give thanks that there are Sandy Nathan books already in print and even more on their way.
Laren Bright   Emmy-nominated television writer


Tales from Earth's End: The Complete Set

Some info about the Tales from Earth’s End Saga from author Sandy Nathan:

  • I wrote the books of the Saga to be free-standing. I wanted a reader to be able to read any of them and understand what was going on. I’ve had two types of feedback. One reviewer said that he felt sufficient backstory existed in the earlier books to let the reader feel comfortable reading later books. Another reviewer said, “Read them in order.” Which is cool, because you have the opportunity to read all three for a pittance.a
  • A heads up–I’d give the books of the Tales from Earth’s End Saga an R rating if they were movies. They contain violence, strong language, and sexual situations. I’m a grandmother, but I don’t write like one. I don’t go over the top, either. The books are about the end of the world, a police state and people fighting for survival. Despite that, they’re quite spiritual and uplifting, not to mention really romantic.


THE BIG NEWS: Tales from Earth’s End: The Complete Series Boxed Set  A giant eBook containing all three books is in production!

This set is not included in this promotion, but will be in the future promotions.

Publishing Bloopers: What I Did with my First Book that I Wouldn’t Now: 5.4 Selling Books in the Great Recession

Stepping Off the Edge: Learning & Living Spiritual Practice

STEPPING OFF THE EDGE: A ROADMAP FOR THE SOUL has a new 2014 edition, linked here. The discussion below refers to the production of the first edition. While easier and accomplished more economically, the second edition was no picnic, either.

by Sandy Nathan

Stepping Off the Edge was my first book. I will never produce a book like this again. See the article below for explanation.

My first book, Stepping Off the Edge: Learning & Living Spiritual Practice, is drop dead gorgeous and top of the line all the way, with exquisitely designed interior and a killer cover. It has won––to my ecstatic surprise––six national awards in major contests.

Furthermore, T. Terry Whalen, in his book, Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams, reports Bookscan sales through bookstores. (Bookscan US provides continuous measurement and analysis of book sales in and through bookstores.) According to Whalen’s reports (ibid pg 46), the average sale per ISBN in bookstores is 15 books. (Yes, you got that right.) Close to 80% of the books tracked sold less than 99 copies. More than 95 percent sold less than a thousand.

According to this data, Stepping Off the Edge has sold very well compared to titles put out by the majors or anyone else. It’s a success.

So what’s the problem? It cost way too much in time and money to produce. In this Great Recession market place, there’s no reason for a publisher to do an offset print run for a title that may have limited appeal in the market place––and let’s face it, a title about spiritual practice by an unknown author is a long shot. (An offset print run is a traditional publishing run resulting in 500, 1,500, 10,000, or more books being produced. This type of printing is often used by traditional publishers who expect large sales for their books.)

A sensible way of producing a book in this market is to use a POD (Print On Demand. With POD production, books are created as they are needed to satisfy sales orders.) publisher like Amazon’s free set up or LightningSource, with its distribution capabilities. (Check out the POD printers before committing. Books are available that evaluate them. I like

Go digital. No successful publisher, small press, or self-publisher can afford to ignore the eMarkets. I’ve got Stepping Off the Edge on Kindle now, and I’m working on the Sony and other eBook distribution. I missed those sales for years.

Get a good production team and stick with it: Don’t change editors, designers, or anyone else midstream. If you do, you open yourself up to multiple charges, production delays, and chaos. Of course, if you haven’t worked with a team before, you won’t know how well you work together. Life is risky.

Do not “do it yourself.” Owners of small presses and self-publishers–– have your books professionally designed even if you’re going to produce them on If you submit an amateurish piece of ugly, poorly formated garbage to or any POD printer, it will come out exactly as submitted. Use professional designers. The Blogroll on my blog for writers, Your Shelf Life has tested professionals on it. It’s on the right hand column, scroll down and check ‘em out for yourself.

What other bloopers did I make with my first book? I’d make sure someone in my LARGE team of editors and proofreaders knew how to spell “acknowledgment”.  (Yep, the word is misspelled in the TOC, section front, and page header. A judge in the Benjamin Franklin Award pointed it out in my feedback form.) Too late to correct if you’ve done a traditional print run.

What else? I’d spend the money saved on book production on marketing & publicity. There’s a slippery shore. People spent money on publicity and often have no tangible results from it. In that case, the smart author will research low cost publicity avenues. The ‘Net, blogs, social networking sites, on and on.

Looking over the whole picture, what I’d do is budget book production carefully and stick to my budgets. I’d firm up my design team and their cost estimates before doing anything.

And I’d acknowledge that writing the book and producing it are only the beginning: The real work in the book world is selling books for a profit.

Sandy Nathan

Sandy Nathan––Before publishing in the Great Recession


Sandy Nathan after publishing Stepping off the Edge, ed. 1. Edition 2 wasn't much better.

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