Mogollon: A Tale of Mysticism & Mayhem (Bloodsong 2)

MOGOLLON: A TALE OF MYSTICISM & MAYHEM is free on Amazon Thursday, 9/18/2014, ONLY.  That’s the US link. In the UK, Mogollon is found here.  

MOGOLLON: A TALE OF MYSTICISM & MAYHEM has not been free on Amazon before and I have no plans to put it up free again. Is it time for you to GET MOGO’D? Mogollon is one amazing trip. Follow the link and download away.

I’ve got another reason for you to download Mogollon tomorrow: It’s sequel is coming up in weeks. That’s right. IN LOVE BY CHRISTMAS, the Bloodsong Series 3, should be out in early October. You’ll be able to flow right into it after reading Mogollon. More info on IN LOVE BY CHRISTMAS follows the reviews of Mogollon.

IN LOVE BY CHRISTMAS is an offshoot of the action in Mogollon. Grandfather’s grandson, Leroy Watches Jr. arrives at the Meeting late, as usual. He arrives a couple of days after Mogollon ends, but the retreat is still going. He’s given the assignment of finding his soul mate, who’s in desperate trouble. Cass Duane is super-capitalist Will Duane’s bad-girl (very bad-girl) daughter. Cass is so bad, you don’t even want to know how bad she is.

Leroy has to find and heal Cass Duane by Christmas. Or what? Read IN LOVE BY CHRISTMAS and find out. But first read Mogollon––

Mogollon is the story of the meeting of a great Native American shaman with the richest man in the world. They come together a retreat the shaman, known only as Grandfather, gives in the New Mexico desert. Sound sort of cutesy and woo-woo? Think again. This ain’t your ordinary shaman, nor is it your ordinary retreat. As the shaman seeks to move the very corroded capitalist’s soul, all the powers of evil in the universe focus on the retreat. The result is big, big mayhem.




What are readers and reviewers saying about Mogollon: A Tale of Mysticism & Mayhem? They’ll give you the straight scoop:

Take one part modern fantasy, one part Western, and mix in a couple parts mysticism and romance, and you have Sandy Nathan’s “Mogollon.” The book weaves together the story of Will Duane and his staff as they attend a spiritual retreat at the mystical Mogollon Bowl, a place where anyone can gain psychic powers. The world is that of 1997 America, but the book adds in the supernatural and mystical through the Native American spiritual retreat where corporate bigshots can achieve psychic ability and a connection with their inner souls.
♥ Epic Tale ♥,July 11, 2014
Sandy Nathans’ wild creative imagination spawns an intriguing tale of mysticism and money, good versus evil.
She devised an unpredictable plot which revolves around a Native American spiritual retreat bringing the so called “Grandfather” a powerful character mentioned in the first novel I read in this series come into focus. The characters are well developed and the scenes were so powerful that I could clearly envision them.
The events were well devised and were presented in an unpredictable manner that was thought-provoking and highly entertaining leaving me eagerly wanting more.
This is an Epic Tale with twist and turns that will leave you breathless. It is absolutely perfect for any fantasy enthusiast looking for a wild modern ride of mayhem infused with characters on different sides of the coin.
A captivating, mystical read,June 6, 2014
Mogollon is a compelling mix of mysticism, romance, and action that I found impossible to set down once I started reading. I didn’t realize there was a book prior to this and so picked up Mogollon with no clue where it was heading, but the book stands on its own beautifully and I wasn’t left scratching my head due to lack of prior references. Nathan did a great job of blending the back story I needed to know.
The story centers on Will Duane and his staff’s experiences at a spiritual retreat at the Mogollon Bowl, a place where anyone could become psychic and all your problems could disappear. As a tech industry hot shot, Duane is out of his element among the rez cars, rocks and dirt. Accustomed to five star hotels, he wouldn’t even be here if he didn’t have business to complete. But this is a place where he isn’t in control, and as events unfold he finds himself at the mercy of something larger than himself.
Excellent writing and well fleshed out characters make this a captivating read. I will have to pick up a copy of Numenon to get all of the back story now.
Defies Genre,February 2, 2014
This is the first book I read by Sandy Nathan, and though it’s a second book in the series, I had no problem enjoying the book as a stand alone as well. That’s how well it’s written.
Mogollon is a very intense story that follows Will Duane and his employees on a spiritual retreat, unlike any other. This book is equal parts horror, spiritual, romance, and action. From page one, it is non-stop, a page turner that leaves you on the edge of your seat, seeing where it’s going next. It follows not just Will on his journey, but many connections develop as Will and his team begin becoming inseparably linked with several of the Native American warriors and attendees. Nathan does an amazing job depicting the cultural and spiritual aspects of the story in a very respectful way, which as a reader, I really respected. I also just loved her turn of phrase, and many times I just said, “YES!” out loud at the great way she chose to describe something that otherwise could be mundane, or has been described the same way for centuries. Nathan has a voice all her own and it’s powerful.
Nathan also did an amazing job with character development; there are several who still stick with me today, some in a good way, and some in a revolting way. Nathan does a masterful job of making you FEEL while reading this novel. I guarantee you, you will be changed and spiritually moved after reading this book.
Mogollon seriously defies genre, in the absolute best way. I cannot wait to read the next one!

The brillliant and captivating cover of In Love by Christmas. Thank you, Clarissa Yeo!

IN LOVE BY CHRISTMAS. When I was writing Leroy Watches Jr. & the Badass Bull, a novella I wrote to give readers something to munch on after Mogollon––which you might consider reading yourself ––I fell in love with Leroy Watches Jr., Grandfather’s grandson, a shaman born and bred, and also considered a dufus by almost everyone. He’d not a joke; he’s beset by Coyote, his People’s meddling, interfering, and Trickster.
I’ve always wanted to write a Christmas book. Why not combine it with something about Leroy Watches? How about something with a sweet cover and lots of holiday joy?
Holiday joy is in IN LOVE BY CHRISTMAS, but also holiday terror. And romance. And Leroy. This is a long, tall dose of Leroy (he’s 6′ 8.5″ tall) as he travels the world on a mission of love. You won’t believe what happens in this story. I didn’t believe it when I was writing it.
A feast awaits you. All you have to do is take a little bite …


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