Lady Grace Has a New Look and Feel

Lady Grace & the War for a New World: This is the new cover and new title of the old Lady Grace

I want to update everyone. The original book Lady Grace, Earth’s End 2 was officially launched on May 1, 2012. We gave the book a new look and feel a while back. If you’ve read the book, you’ll see how much better the new cover and title fit. Same content, same interior. New video, below.

The original Lady Grace won three national awards:

Category: Visionary Fiction – Finalist
, Lady Grace, Sandy Nathan

USA BEST BOOK AWARDS (Sponsored by USA Book News)
Category: Fiction: New Age – Winner
, Lady Grace, Sandy Nathan
          Category: Fiction: Visionary - Finalist, Lady Grace, Sandy Nathan

Barry Nathan, publisher, Vilasa Press

* * *

LADY GRACE & THE WAR FOR A NEW WORLD + 1/9/15 from Sandy Nathan on Vimeo.


Three stories of the Earth’s End intertwine:  Earth is devastated by a nuclear holocaust. Technological wizard Jeremy Edgarton and a few of his friends are whisked off planet moments before the disaster by the goldies, a race of super-evolved aliens. They seem too good to be true, and unfortunately, they are. The humans want out.

Jeremy’s mother, Veronica Edgarton, awakens from a cryogenic sleep in a chamber deep beneath the ice. Next to her is her husband, one of the most ruthless and cruel men ever to have lived.

The inhabitants of the gigantic underground bomb shelter Jeremy and others built are preparing to emerge. They were supposed to become a super-race. Regrettably, evolution can work for evil as well as good.

Each of these events is potentially volatile. Combine them and the results are explosive! The players from across time and space are catapulted into a struggle of cosmic scale, challenging them to draw upon every ounce of their physical, intellectual and spiritual strength.

Lady Grace is a thrilling, action-filled adventure wrapped in the embrace of epic love.

* * *

Praise for Lady Grace:

Lady Grace holds its own with the best of today’s sci-fi page-turners while accomplishing much more. Nathan’s second book in the Earth’s End series is just as much a spiritual and psychological exploration as it is science fiction/fantasy thriller. Nathan has created a unique niche that leaves her without rival in the canon of contemporary fiction.

– Nathan Fisher, MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business

A gripping original sci-fi tale that brings politics, spirituality, and personal responsibility into the mix. As in all interesting tales of good versus evil, the path to outcome is not predictable but the trip is super enjoyable and will keep you clicking for the next page.

Consuelo Saar Baehr, author of Three Daughters

I LOVED Lady Grace! From the first moments, I could not put it down. Sandy Nathan has done it again. Within her believable, gripping tale of people who have somehow survived a thousand years, Sandy explores instant telepathic teleportation, human-animal relationships, survivalism, personal relationships, social experimentation, dehumanization, and the most of these . . . Love. The twists of
Jeremy’s evolution with Eliana and his mother, Veronica Edgarton, are breathtaking.

– Ilene Dillon, MSW, Host, Full Power Living Internet Radio,

Sandy Nathan

Sandy Nathan is the winner of thirty national writing awards. She’s won in categories from memoir, to visionary fiction, to children’s nonfiction. And more.
Sandy’s Amazon Author Page 



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  1. Ilene Dillon says:


    I’m so proud of you–and so happy for you! As you once told me, what you write “has to” come out of you. As an incredible channel, a wordsmith, a human being of great depth and feeling–whatever you want to be today–you are Incredible! I persist in calling you the “J.K. Rowling for adults”. I really enjoy exploring the depths and creativity of your marvelous mind. Love to you and Barry. Ilene

    • admin says:

      Hi, Ilene!

      Wow! What encouraging words. Well, I do my best. I have no idea where what I write comes from, just that it makes me very happy that it does. Thank you for your friendship and praise.

      Hugs and love,


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