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Will Duane #1 Tell Me Why You Like This Guy Best and Maybe Win an eBook of Mogollon!

I’m getting ready to make a video about my new book Mogollon: A Tale of Mysticism & Mayhem. For my upcoming publicity and video-making activity, I want an image that captures the heart, soul and BODY of my hero, Will Duane. Will is the star of the two Bloodsong books currently out there. He’s the richest man in the world, sixty-two years old, and a real hunk. Not possible, you say? Let’s see how close we can come.


WILL DUANE #1 Will's a happy camper here. Why not with $50 billion and the largest corporation ever to exist.

HERE’S WILL #1:  Good looking dude. Needs his hair Photoshopped whiter and blue eyes added. I like this version of Will because of the additional pictures available to use in a video. Take a look below. They capture all of the richest man in the world.

Will likes the ladies, always has.

 WILL JUST LOVES WOMEN. Using them, perhaps, but you’d be amazed how they’ll flock to a man like him and stand in line to be used. All of them think they have a chance at becoming the next Mrs. Will Duane. Poor babies. They don’t know Will well enough to know being his wife is the booby prize.

Sandy Sydney is a demon from hell in a pretty package.

WILL THINKS SANDY SYDNEY IS AN INDUSTRIAL SPY. She’s not, as he finds out. Sandy Sydney is the only one of my characters to receive fan mail. You can write to her, too: “Dear Sandy, please make all my dreams come true . . . And let me live when you’re done.”

Will's hobbies match his personality

WILL WORKS A LOT. When he isn’t working, he’s running or in the gym. When he’s not doing either, he’s racing one of his cars, or practicing his other hobby, preparing to be a real killer.

Vocano view 1


VOLCANO ERUPTION STAGE ONE: YOU SAY SOMETHING THAT MAKES WILL MAD. “If he ever gets mad at you, you’ll never forget it. One lifetime is not enough to recover from a Will Duane Screamer,” says Doug Saunders, Will’s fix-it man. Doug fixes whatever Will needs, legal or not.


STAGE TWO: WILL IS ALMOST FULLY ARMED HERE, GETTING READY FOR THE NEXT STAGE. Your life may flash before  your eyes at this stage.


VOLCANO ERUPTION STAGE THREE. WILL IS IN PERFECT FORM, DELIVERING FEEDBACK TO ONE OF HIS EMPLOYEES. I think it’s illegal to beat employees at the workplace, or anywhere else. The good part of the Screamer reaching this stage is you can sue. If you survive.

THERE’S WILL DUANE # 1! To vote for this Will, LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS PAGE telling me why you think this man is the REAL WILL.

OK. Check out the albums for the three Wills:

WILL #1 is here. More pictures of our hero.

WILL #2 is here. More of Will 2.

WILL #3 is here. Will #3 at his finest.

Sandy Nathan
Website #1    Website # 2, the Interactive One!

Will is shown as a comp from I use comps from,, and For the “real” version of Will, I’ll buy the images and give proper credit.)

The IPPY Award Winners Announced Starting April 30!

This is the Silver Nautilus Award won by my children's nonfiction book, Tecolote: The Little Horse That Could.

I just received the notice below from The Independent Publisher, the company sponsoring the 2014 IPPY (Independent Press) Awards:

Thank you for entering the 2014 Independent Publisher Book Awards! [I entered my brand-new visionary fiction/fantasy/multi-cultural mix 'em up Mogollon: A Tale of Mysticism & Mayhem]

And thanks for being part of this amazingly diverse, world-wide contest. Over 5,000 entries have come in, from all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, nine Canadian provinces, and 33 other countries around the globe.  [That's lotsa books.]

JUST ONE MORE WEEK OF JUDGING UNTIL THE RESULTS ANNOUNCEMENT! [Whoa. I had no idea the judging was ending so soon.]

We plan to begin announcing results a week from today, WEDNESDAY APRIL 30th, and finalize results by Friday, May 2nd. Results will go live the following Tuesday, May 6th, and be announced to the public and national media that day.


We plan to begin announcing results on about April 30th, to try and give you some time for arranging your schedule if you win an award. We hold the awards ceremony during BookExpo America [BEA] because so many of you already plan to be in New York at that time, but anyone who wins a medal is certainly welcome. [Have you ever been to BEA? It's the largest book exposition in the United States. HUGE! Everyone's there: the major publishers, the major celebrity authors, every sort of vendor. Indie publishers and trade organizations. People run screaming when celebs are sighted. It is a gigantic party with books. Went once. Still saving to afford it again.]

Below is the list of our judging criteria. Every book entered gets evaluated in each of these areas, and if they score well are assessed further and judged against the other top books in the category. Every year we have a handful of entrants complain that we “didn’t read the entire book,” and no, of course we don’t read every book all the way through. Our expert judges, most of whom have been evaluating books for 10-20 years, are skilled enough to critique a book fairly quickly and efficiently — and you probably can, too. All of us do a version of it every time we scan through a book at a bookstore or library when deciding if we’re going to buy it or borrow it.

IPPY AWARD GOLD MEDAL won by my book The Angel & the Brown-Eyed Boy


First Impression – Front, back and inside – would you pull it from the bookstore or library shelf?

Design – Cover design, typeface, message, front & back – does the cover make you want to look inside?

Interior layout, typeface, illustrations – is it easy to read; is it a pleasure to look at?

Originality – Is it a fresh approach?  Has it been done too much?

Use of language – Grammar, style, voice – does it flow? Does it make you want to keep reading?

Message delivery – Is the message promised by the cover being delivered, and in a compelling way?

Relevance – Is the book pertinent to our time?  Is this a message that should be heard?

What do the winners receive? All IPPY Award medalists will receive a medal, a certificate, and 20 awards seals. Those medalists not attending the New York event will receive the above items by mail, in a packet including the event program, press release, etc.  Preview IPPY Awards seals, medals and other merchandise.

IPPY AWARD SILVER MEDAL won my Numenon: A Tale of Mysticism & Money


My books have won twenty-four national awards. I’ve won gold, silver, and bronze medals in the IPPYs, which are the biggest and oldest contest for independent presses. One of my books has also been a Finalist in the Benjamin Franklin Award, sponsored by the IBPA. This award is perhaps more prestigious than the IPPY Award. And I’ve won two Silver Nautilus Awards and a bunch of winner and finalist medals in smaller contests.

Am I bragging? No. My stomach is dancing around like a bowl of Jello-O doing the marimba. Because you have won once, does not mean you will win again, even if the book you enter is better than the one that won. Sorry campers. You don’t know who else is entered in the contest or what the judges want.

A real problem for those who have won is the feeling of entitlement: “I won last year. My books are really good.” And then you start picking spots in the house where you’re going to hang your medal.

In psychological terms, this is known as “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin.” You’re setting yourself up for a good whack on the backside (or ego) if you don’t win.

Winning before doesn’t mean you won’t win. The entry process is like waiting for a baby, except that is more certain. You know you’ll get a baby, barring disaster, but you don’t know if it will be a beauty or look like a troll. With book awards, you don’t know nothin.’

I wrote some articles about winning book contests, since I’ve done it a lot. It’s not as horrible as the articles indicate. I entered two contests with two new books this year. Whereas a publicity packet used to be required, the two contests I entered didn’t want one any more. That makes the entry process WAY easier and less expensive. Here are a few of my contest related  articles:

WHAT YOU CAN WIN BY LOSING: This happened to me.

HOW TO WIN A BOOK CONTEST: It’s not this bad any more, because they don’t require press packets any more. But if you want to really know how to win a contest, here it is.

IPPY AWARD BRONZE MEDAL won by Stepping Off the Edge

Questions about the IPPY awards? Contact Jim Barnes, Awards Director
ph: 1-800-644-0133 x1011




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