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The International Partying Score: Greeks – Zero; Icelanders – Over the top!


Everyone knows Scandinavians are the best partiers ever!

I WRITE ABOUT STUFF THAT REALLY MATTERS TO ME ON YOUR SHELF LIFE. I write irregularly, as the spirit moves. It’s moving.  What got me going today?

This article: UCSB to Greeks: the Party’s OverAn article from the Santa Barbara Independent talks about the fraternities and sororities at UCSB, members of which are acting up and getting the institutions kicked out in record numbers. I would have lifted images from the article, but they were all copyrighted and stuff. The first one was of a sheriff’s officer looking tough. Scared me.

But here’s a good one: “Greeks”–fraternities–are being banned from UCSB at an unprecedented rate. Since early December three fraternities have been banned and a sorority suspended. The linked article tells you all about it.

The stupid and inane behavior on the part of the Greeks that got them tossed has prompted me to share this never-before-revealed anecdote from my early years.

I never saw the reason or need for fraternities or sororities. Places for guys and gals who already felt superior to everyone to band together and throw parties that the Vikings would find offensive, and feel superior about it? Why? I thought they would have died out in the 1950s from sheer irrelevance.

I never saw the need for “acting out” either–getting so drunk or stoned I didn’t know where I was or who I was with, other than another “Greek.” Nor will I allow myself to be “hazed” by anyone or perpetrate the practice on my fellow humans. So why Greeks? Why do people join them?

There is one valid reason for fraternities and sororities. That is to introduce young people to parties so wild that they will not be horrified when they go to Scandinavia. I know this. When I was a high school senior (and what were fraternities doing allowing 17-year-olds at their parties???), I went to a frat party at Stanford. My girlfriends seemed to find them fun. I don’t know why. I’ve never seen such out of control drunken behavior in my life. It didn’t seem fun.

But, my family visited Iceland the following summer. Most of the young people left the cities and went to work on the farms during the summers. They had parties, BIG parties. I went to one in some big community building somewhere and discovered that when it comes to partying, Greeks are Pablum-eaters. I survived only because I’d been shock-proofed at that frat house.

Grow up Greeks! We Vikings have means to tame you.

So, good ol’ Stanford frat, whatever you were, thank you for opening my eyes to the potential for over-the-top depravity. Aside from a couple of roving fistfights, they seemed to be having a better time in Iceland, too.

Despite my anti-Greek sentiments, I must confess that I am a member of a fraternity, or honorary society,  Omicron Delta Epsilon,  the International Honor Society for Economics. Or I used to be. I haven’t paid dues in about forty years.

Despite all those Greek letters, did we economists indulge in drunken riots? No. We were/are so serious that we are sometimes called in to defuse international political battles. We do this by boring the combatants into comatose states. We’ll do it for your group, too. Just let me know and I’ll dispatch a cadre of econ nerds pronto.

So long for now,
Sandy Nathan, who’s got a lot of cool books for you to check out. Click the link.

The article's over: the fat lady's singing.

Talk to me! I’m on Universal Spiritual Connection today 6 to 8 PM PDT


YIPES! It’s just an hour and half. I’d better hurry! I’m going to be on the Universal Spiritual Connection with my good friend and host, Rev. Leilani Schmidt.

You can reach the station right here.

If you click here, you reach a chat room where you can contact me while Leilani and I are talking. If you click the listen now button at the top of the page, you can hear the program!

The call in number is 480.389.1399  Call that number and you can call into the show directly. I would love to talk to you!

Leilani’s show is one of my favorites. She puts a spiritual glow on everything … No, she IS a spiritual glow.

Tonight, we’re going to be discussing my new novella, Leroy Watches Jr. & the Badass Bull. This little book is about Leroy Watches,  who is a minor character in the first two Bloodsong Series books, Numenon and Mogollon.

He is the shaman Grandfather’s grandson. By birth, he’s a powerful healer and upcoming shaman. Except that he doesn’t quite it down in Leroy Watches. He goes to a rodeo in Las Vegas to help his dad, and all h*** breaks loose. Or rather that badass bull does. This is a farce: everything goes wrong and Leroy ends up the FBI’s Most Wanted, branded a terrorist, and has to run for his life.

It’s funny and sweet, except for poor Leroy, who’s running with a very strange posse behind him.

We’re also going to discuss my Christmas book, which will be out by Christmas. This book follows Leroy farther, into his search for the woman of his dreams. She’s Cass Duane, the richest man in the world’s very messed up daughter. She’s so messed up, it’s a wonder she’s alive. It’s not totally her fault. She was held captive by the devil incarnate for a long time.

Leroy has to find her before … well, before she dies. If she does, she’ll end up in eternal damnation.

This is a Christmas story, just a very unusual one.

Leilani and I may talk about more than that, so please listen in.  ;-)

Sandy Nathan


Sandy Nathan abandons good taste and modesty to tell you about her books being on sale until January 2nd.

Creating is so much fun. This little bit appeared as I made the ad below.

I admit, my feelings were hurt. I saw an ad displayed by a very prominent author. Actually, 99 of them were in on the deal. They promised free books and prizes  worth a lot of money if you would buy their eBooks today. All 99 authors were offering their books that magic price of 99 cents. It’s magic because Amazon will allow you to price your book no lower, unless you give it away, but that’s a different program.

I was hurt by the fact that they didn’t invite me to swim amongst them, but also because they had the jazziest promo page with links and hyperlinks and double hyperlinks to all of their books, sorted by genre and author’s name, and the author’s dog’s name. Boy, did I feel outclassed.

My usual announcements and book ads reek of so much good taste that the deportment teacher where I took dancing lessons in fourth grade would give them a blue ribbon or maybe nominate me for good manners sainthood. Well, enough of that.

I created the ad which follows because I realized my approach was limited and perhaps old fashioned.  (Also snobby.) I want you to know that my books are not on sale for 99c for a lousy DAY––they’re on sale until January 2. I wouldn’t wait that long to buy though, for a couple of reasons. Amazon is kinda arbitrary about when it changes prices. You may have noticed that trying to download a free book. “Oh! It was supposed to be free. But I just downloaded it for $9.99!” Oops.

The other reason is that Amazon is rumored to have laid up an insufficient supply of pixels to deliver all the eBooks that new Kindle (and other types of readers) owners will want for their new devices. So, get your copies of my books before they run out. (Did I tell you that it’s December 21, winter solstice and the day the world is supposed to come to an end, at least according to some interpretations of the Mayan calendar. It’s a day when anything can happen. Including a dearth of pixels.)

More art from scrap, this kind electronic. Kinda cool.



So, here’s my sales spiel:

YES, IT’S TRUE. I’ve really won 24 national awards with my books and I’ve racked up 55 five-star reviews. And 13 four-star puppies. I don’t usually talk about my trophies, finding that . . . rather repulsive. And overdone. I probably get 2 or 300 emails a day, most by people ecstatically announcing––and even posting––a new 5 star review. Or award or something. It irritates me. I don’t know if it irritates you; I’ve operated on the assumption that it does.

BUT THERE’S A TIME FOR CHANGE! With joy in my heart, I’ve abandoned modesty, also good taste, as I”m sure you’ll agree when you see the accompanying image, to sock it to ya.
My Kindle eBooks are on sale until Jan. 2, 2013. Don’t be shy!




They range from wild sci-fi to adorable children’s nonfiction. You’ll find something you’ll like in the list below:

  • NUMENON,  a novel about the richest man in the world meeting a great Native American shaman
  • STEPPING OFF THE EDGE, a modern day spiritual companion
  • TECOLOTE, the adorable kids’ book about a baby horse.
  • EARTH’S END––the new, three book sci-fi/fantasy/visionary series that takes you to the end of the earth, and beyond.
    The Angel & the Brown-Eyed Boy––An angelic girl shows up on the sidewalks of New York City in 2197. Or is she a girl? Jeremy Edgarton, teenage genius and revolutionary decodes the transmissions. They say the world will blow up tomorrow morning.
    Lady Grace––The radiation has cleared. A few survivors make it back to Piermont Manor to start a new life. What they face is a battle more deadly than any they’ve fought. Evolution can work for evil as well as good.
    Sam & Emily––Can love live in an echoing cement bomb shelter three hundred feet below the earth’s surface? Find out in Sam and Emily as headman Sam Baahuhd falls in love with a beautiful assassin.



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