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Let’s Hear it for Lady Grace – One Five Star Review You’ll Never Forget

Lady Grace & the War for a New World

How do some books get noticed and end up on supermarket shelves while other books–just as good or better–find themselves languishing in the backwater? It’s a mystery to me. The other day, I looked at my reviews for Lady Grace & the War for a New World. Lady Grace is one of three books in the Earth’s End Trilogy, my highly original, dystopian (happens after nuclear Armageddon) thriller/romance/extraterrestrial-ridden series. The Trilogy has won seven national awards–the Gold Medal in Visionary Fiction from the  huge and prestigious  IPPY Awards among them. The books have gotten close to five star ratings on Amazon. And yet, they’re unknown.

I aim to fix that right now. I looked at my reviews and found this:

5.0 out of 5 stars A modern sci-fi masterpiece April 2, 2014
This is what Jim says about Lady Grace:
“After reading The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy, I had to wait almost a year for Lady Grace, the sequel, to be published. It was worth the wait. As much as I enjoyed the freshness and originality of the first book, Lady Grace was even better. When the story began, hundreds of years have passed since the earth was devastated by a nuclear conflagration. Jeremy and Ellie and their friends have been transported back to Earth, near the bunker beneath the now destroyed Edgarton manor. Jeremy’s mom, Veronica Edgarton, has been reunited with Jeremy. The descendents of village chief Sam Baahuhd have survived and proliferated in the bunker, but at a terrible price – many have mutated into monsters who terrorized and tortured their kinsmen.

“That’s the setting for the story. Sam Baahuhd had been dead for centuries, but one of his descendents, also called Sam, had all of the original Sam’s good qualities. When Sam was rescued by Jeremy and the others, he met Veronica, which was the beginning of a poignant love story set amidst the turmoil as the small band of survivors made their plans to attack the bunker and save Sam’s unmutated kinfolk. Jeremy and Ellie were still deeply in love, but Jeremy and the others had no inkling of the dramatic changes that Ellie would soon undergo.

“Lady Grace was first-rate science fiction and one of the most absorbing page-turners of that genre that I’ve read in years. Author Sandy Nathan exhibits the imagination of Ray Bradbury combined with the whimsicalness of Douglas Adams. That’s high praise, but it’s warranted. The story includes so much action; tense, suspenseful drama; and two charming love stories that it’s irresistible.

“Lady Grace is the second book in a proposed series. Enough backstory is included that Lady Grace could be read as a standalone book, but I recommend reading The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy first to get familiar with the story and the characters, especially Eliana (Ellie), an angel-like alien from another world.”

YOWSER! People wait a lifetime for a review like that from anyone, much less the Number Two reviewer on Amazon!

You can get the eBook dirt cheap on Amazon, but I’ll be working on more promotions in the near future. Bring the Lady out of the shadows! Shoot, check out the entire Trilogy!

Cheers and happy reading!
Sandy Nathan
The cover to the Trilogy is below. Get all three books at once: close to a thousand pages of fascinating adventure. Romance. Danger. Stuff so scary you won’t sleep for months. Funny! Let me tell you about funny. And spiritual.

Earth's End Trilogy

Dystopian Science-Fiction On Sale Today Only! It’s the End of the World – or Is It?

The Angel & the Brown-Eyed Boy

Sandy Nathan’s science-fiction/fantasy novel with an end of the world touch is on sale for 99c TODAY ONLY. What would happen if government paralysis and economic stagnation lasted another 100 years? 200?

The Angel & the Brown-Eyed Boy paints a chillingly possible picture of what our future might be. Set on the eve of nuclear Armageddon, The Angel  introduces Jeremy Edgarton, a 16-year-old tech genius who’s decoded communications indicating the melt-down is tomorrow morning. Meet Eliana, the exquisite visitor from another planet who is on a mission to save her own world. She picked a really bad day to drop by earth.

Jeremy and Eliana form the core of a captivating cast of characters who will enchant, charm, and terrify you. Join them in an unforgettable tale, The Angel & the Brown-Eyed Boy. You’ll be glad you did.

The Angel & the Brown-Eyed Boy won four national awards, including the prestigious IPPY Award in Visionary Fiction. It has a 4.7 out of 5 star average review rating on Amazon with 27 reviews. Check ‘em out: Readers will give you the straight skinny. (The three book Earth’s End Series has won seven national awards.)

All that for 99c? Today, Feb. 4th, only. Worth a try. Here’s a video to give you the book’s look and feel:

THE ANGEL & THE BROWN-EYED BOY from Sandy Nathan on Vimeo.

Do You Freak Out Before Speaking on the Radio? 14 Tips that May Help

Radio Stage Fright Got You Down?

How to Overcome Radio Stage Fright

I’ll handle this question in one sentence: There is no way to overcome radio stage fright.

Every time I’m on the radio is the first time. Before every interview, I sit in front of my home altar, repeating my mantra so that my over-heated heart does not explode and squirt blood out of my ears. I’ve been this way as long as I’ve been talking on the radio.

It doesn’t matter that the radio host is a good friend and has been a visitor at our house. Doesn’t matter that she’s really smart, loves my work and me, and wants me to succeed even more than my mom did.

What can you do to overcome radio stage fright?

  1. Know your material. That should be easy. You wrote it.
  2. Make a detailed outline of what you want to say. Then simplify that. Make an even tighter statement of what you want to say and put it on index cards. Keep them where you can see them while you’re on the air.
  3. Know the answers to the interviewer’s questions. This should be easy, if you wrote them. If you don’t know what the questions are, the index card tip above will suffice. Index cards and winging it—the ultimate terror.
  4. An hour before the program, take a walk. If you live in an area where you might be mugged or something, don’t take a walk.
  5. Breathe slowly and deeply and keep breathing until the show is over. Then you can stop breathing.
  6. Hook up an old-fashioned, wired-connection telephone and use it. Wireless phones don’t record very well. Don’t use a cellphone, ever.
  7. If you have any spiritual practice, now’s the time to haul it out: prayer, mantra repetition, meditation, tickling dog’s tummies. A trip to Lourdes (allow enough time).
  8. Play music you find spiritual uplifting and/or calming before you go on.
  9. Place an object or photo that has spiritual significance to you where you can see it during the interview. A saint’s picture, a sacred image, an icon. An archetypal object. Stare at it while you’re being interviewed. Maybe you’ll hypnotize yourself.
  10. The first three minutes establish the success of your interview, so make them good.
  11. DO NOT BREATHE INTO YOUR PHONE. Listeners will hear it and think you are an ax murderer. Don’t forget about this. You will feel dumb when you hear yourself panting later. Heavy breathing can ruin a good interview.
  12. If the person interviewing you is friendly, relax and have fun. If the person is hostile, you can tell him that you’re not the person who wrote the book he’s talking about. You wrote Billy the Bison Barfs. Where are his questions about that? You can also cry. That works for women. I don’t know about guys. Alternatively, you can start karate classes two years before your interview. They probably teach stuff that would help there. Ditto for assertiveness training.
  13. When it’s over, thank God and make a donation to your favorite charity. Schedule your next radio interview while you’re still high. (You’re gonna do great. Trust me.)
  14. Major meds—name your favorite—really help. Instead of doing all of the above, you can drug yourself before the show. Just make sure that your speech isn’t slurred and you can remember your name.

Even if you everything I’ve taught you, nothing will really help. Radio stage fright is your body telling you that you are alive and facing a situation that could cause great humiliation. Or triumph.

Sandy Nathan  I’m on a blog tour and pumped out a bunch of articles like this. Thought I’d share them with you, my regular readers. I’ll post more later. If you’d like to follow my tour, here’s a link. They’ve got me posted everywhere. More to come! Sandy’s Amazon Author Page   Sandy’s Web Site

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