Cassandra BSN – A Beautiful Peruvian Paso Mare For Sale – $3,500

Cassandra BSN being ridden by Barry Nathan

CASSANDRA BSN is a bright chestnut, Peruvian Paso mare, approximately 15 hands high. She is a fully trained, sound, and very well bred mare. Cassandra will be thirteen years old on August 3, 2015.

We are selling her at the broodmare price of $3,500 because she requires an excellent to expert rider. Cassandra is perfectly rideable: as noted, she’s very well trained, healthy, and sound, with lots of trail miles. She is registered and her parentage has been certified by UC Davis DNA typing. She was born on our ranch; we have owned her all her life. The mare is a very friendly, people-orientated horse, a delight to handle and be around. She’s never been sick or hurt. She comes to the pasture gate to be caught for us.

Cassandra is well-trained and very responsive, at the hot end of a hot breed. We ride her all over our trails, up and down steep hills, with no problem. However, if she gets upset, she’s a real handful. What upsets her? Miniature donkeys and miniature horses. Goats. Alpacas. Strange unfamiliar things. Mules and llamas would probably fit that description. My husband rode her past a local roping arena when the guys were in full swing, team-roping. This was a real challenge for the mare to deal with. Barry got her past the arena and finished his ride, but he’s an accomplished rider and he knows her very well.

CAN YOU RIDE HER? OH, YEAH. HERE’S BARRY RIDING HER IN OUR ARENA AND AROUND THE RANCH. THE VIDEO IS A FEW YEARS OLD, BUT MAN AND HORSE LOOK JUST THE SAME. That is one built mare, I must say. (Click the YouTube symbol at the bottom and use theater mode for a larger view. You’ll have to click back to this tab after viewing, however.)

 LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS MARE AS A BROODMARE. We’re selling Cassandra at a broodmare price, though you can ride her, as the videos show. She’s big and impressive and elegant. She’d make beautiful babies. More than that, Cassandra carries some of the oldest and finest blood in the Peruvian Paso breed.

Often when I read a horse has “Sol de Oro V” blood, I look at its pedigree and find Sol de Oro V is the four-time-removed great-grandfather. And I’ve never heard of the horses up front in the pedigree, where they have the most influence.


Cassandra’s Pedigree – Smaller version. For a full sized version with hot links to the horses on the pedigree, click the link above. Horses on that have a red * after their names have photos. If you want to see a horse’s picture, click on its name on the pedigree chart; the screen will go to the selected horse’s pedigree. Hover your cursor over the little box after the horse’s name at the TOP of the chart. The image will appear. Neat. 


TOP SIDE OF CASSANDRA’S PEDIGREE: When discussing pedigrees, horse people generally start with the top half of the chart, the sire’s portion. Cassandra’s father, RDS Domingo del Sur E.T., is a direct son (via embryo transfer) of the legendary HNS Domingo. HNS Domingo shaped the Peruvian breed. I can’t begin to list his show wins. Those of his offspring and their offspring are countless. I can remember seeing HNS Domingo ridden in his mid-twenties, strong and sound.

Barry, my husband, rode Cassandra’s father, RDS Domingo del Sur, which is how we decided to breed to him. I have never seen Barry get off a horse so excited and happy. He loved that young stallion. Notice that Domingo del Sur’s mother’s breeding goes back to AEV Regional and Sol de Oro V.

BOTTOM SIDE OF CASSANDRA’S PEDIGREE: This is the mother’s half of the pedigree. Here we’re talking royalty from the get-go. Cassandra’s mother, La Soberbia, was a grand-daughter of Sol de Oro V. That’s not: great-great-great-great granddaughter; she was his granddaughter. AEV As de Oro, La Soberbia’s father and a direct son of Sol de Oro V, had the best legs of any Peruvian I’ve seen. He was at our ranch for a while and I admired him greatly. La Soberbia’s mother, Soberana, was a full sister to *Mantequilla. The famous *Mantequilla, the son of Piloto and La Limena. Genetically, Soberana was as close to *Mantequilla as you can get.

La Soberbia was a genetic treasure. You don’t get old style breeding like La Soberbia’s. We owned her most of her life. She produced five offspring for us. All of them were healthy and sound into old age with fantastic legs. And very HOT. Tons of brio in that blood.

Cassandra's mother La Soberbia. (This is an old photo: she's not really green!)

Click here and scroll down to see another view of La Soberbia during her show career. She’s the fourth image down, the palomino mare ridden by a young girl. The page gives information about her and one of her offspring, Capoeira BSN, who was sold to Australia where he’s influenced the Peruvian breed there. Actually, Jorge de Moya, the expert on gaited horses who bought Capoeira BSN and exported him to Australia, really wanted to buy La Soberbia. We wouldn’t sell her.

MORE FACTS ABOUT CASSANDRA BSN: Barry and I ran out of steam for showing about the time Cassandra was born, so she doesn’t have a show record. We haven’t bred her, either. We’re winding down and retiring; that’s why we’re selling her. She’s one of our last three horses.

CASSANDRA AND JOSH: I’ve talked about how hot and hard to ride Cassandra is. I about fell over when Barry put our friend Josh on her. Josh had never ridden. The young man got on her in the round pen and did fine. Soon he was in the arena with her, then out on the trail. Then out on the trail bareback with a halter.

Magic? Maybe, but Josh is a true prodigy. Also a multi-degree black belt in Karate, an advanced surfer, and a musician. He’s got amazing balance and coordination, athletic ability, and sensitivity. He just “got” the mare instantly. Maybe you will, too.

A literally 2 second video of Josh riding her bareback with a halter is above; that’s all we got of the duo. The video is current; it was taken in the last couple of months. We can’t take more videos of the pair, as Josh is sidelined now, after being injured at a truly dangerous sport: surfing.

Let us know if this is a horse you’d like to have. She’s a sweetie and so beautiful.

Sandy and Barry Nathan
Rancho Vilasa, home of the Nathan family & fine Peruvian Paso horses
Santa Ynez, CA
Easily accessible in Central California, 40 minutes from downtown Santa Barbara
In the heart of the Santa Barbara wine country.
Come wine tasting and stop by and see Cassandra while you’re in the Valley. 

contact Barry at

Rancho Vilasa reserves the right to remove horses from the market and to refuse to sell to particular buyers.

                                                                            Cassandra and Barry Nathan take a spin at Rancho Vilasa


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